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parameshds (0) [2016-03-08 7:31] [comment]

Hi James, Great photo of Rhino! Good composition and band on focus.

parameshds (0) [2015-01-15 17:29] [+]

Excellent photograph. Action, drama is there. Sharp focus and very good composition and exposure. But the description is too lengthy Nagesh. My 2 marks for this photo.

parameshds (0) [2015-01-15 17:22]

Excellent photograph. Nice composition. Action is there. Pinpoint focus.
Great Job Elroi Devid. Expecting better photos from you. 2points from me.

parameshds (0) [2015-01-15 17:15]

I like this photo because it has correct composition and excellent exposure
and shapr expusure

parameshds (0) [2015-01-15 17:12]

Nice Composition and good exposure. I Like this photo

parameshds (0) [2014-12-13 17:16]

Hi Mario, This is an excellent shot of Cuban emarald in flight. Photo is sharp with excellent composition.
Best wishes.

Dr.Parameshwar D.S.

parameshds (0) [2014-12-13 17:10]

Excellent capture of this bird while take-off.Picture is sharp with very good composition.
Best wishes.

Dr.Parameshwar D.S.

parameshds (0) [2014-12-11 18:37]

Good photograph. The positioning of bird is perfect. Focussing is correct.
Exposure is good.