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pranab (20) [2007-06-23 0:13]

that's an amazing close-up.
excellent color and details.
good one!!

pranab (20) [2007-06-17 22:35]

great use of sunlight brings out the mood of the season in this composition. excellent color contrast and nice color saturation.

pranab (20) [2007-06-17 22:33]

this almost looks like a painting. nice contrast of colors and good details.

pranab (20) [2007-06-17 22:30]

this is a bit out of focus on the front but still very impressive. nice color.

pranab (20) [2006-12-12 12:45]

great lndscape!
a very serene mood reflected in this composition. great work with the placement of your subjects.

pranab (20) [2006-12-12 2:40]

wonderful color saturation and clarity. great macro with great amount of details. you have used the light very well here.

pranab (20) [2006-12-12 2:38]

i knew i'd find somebody i know here, it happens to be you, and that was a great surprise.
great photo with a bit od surreal imagery.

pranab (20) [2006-12-12 0:54]

wonderful composition. nice color and clarity. nice movement of the water captured and contrast in this composition is great.

pranab (20) [2006-12-12 0:52]

bratislav ,
great use of light here. nice contrast and clarity but i think a bit off center placement of the tree would have been better. anyway, great capture!

Title: viento
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pranab (20) [2006-12-12 0:51]

great b/w composition. nice pov and the semi diagonal direction of the trees and movement of the clouds are well captured.