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salil (40) [2009-10-23 13:30] [comment]

hey philip amazing capture, never seen such a lovely colorful mantis, nice colors. Its too grainy & little bit 1 stop over exposed any way keep clicking.
regards salil

salil (40) [2009-02-04 11:08]

Hey adil how u doing, first thank for commenting on my photo. Your photo is fantastic nice colors within the frame, good sharpness very well composed. Keep clicking

salil (40) [2009-02-03 9:20]

Hey Satish awesome great nice very well captured, you are lucky to u go this photo, nice colors, composition great keep clicking.

salil (40) [2009-02-03 9:14]

Hey pawel nice shot, very nice colors within frame, great DOF, nice focusing. Keep clicking.

salil (40) [2006-02-19 23:43]

hey kelly once more awesome shot, it should have been slightly bigger, framing is nce, sky is clear but it looks good as there is kind of gradation in the sky,where u can see difference between dark blue water, the colors in the frame are awesome keep shooting

salil (40) [2006-02-19 23:37]

hey kelly great shot the framing of the shot is nice, the motion u have captured, the light its nice, i think so the sky was blue as i can see some blue color in the water may be refelction of water, that why also it looks great any way keep shooting