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shutterbug (0) [2004-09-08 18:20]

This is an awesomee photo. It has great colors, action, DOF and sharpness. Thank you for sharing

shutterbug (0) [2004-09-07 22:37]

So, so funny!
At first glance, I thought these poor little fishies were being rounded up to be eaten, but after reading your note, I'm glad they were the ones going to be doing the eating. :)
So, who made the choir? I'll bet the big guy in the upper left thirds who seems to be attracting the most attention made it for sure! He seems like the go-getter type.
Great composition, color, and exposure. You can still see the beautiful sky in the reflection of the water/sweat blend from the hard up hungry fishies. :) Thank you so much for sharing this one. It's going straight into my favorites!

shutterbug (0) [2004-09-07 22:18]

Good job in catching this little guy! The neatimage on the background looks very nice here. Thank you for the detailed note and exposure specs.

shutterbug (0) [2004-09-07 22:16]

Gonna have to go with the father on this one...Very nice composition and straight horizen, and I love the sky's reflection in the river but the clouds do have an "unrealistic" aspect to them. Although the long one in the middle kind of looks like Stuart Little's racing car to me for some reason, I dunno...Maybe I am tired, I should go to bed, good job & good night. :)zzzzzzzzzzz

shutterbug (0) [2004-09-07 22:08]

Funny, clever title Phil...
The colors are brilliant! Both in the flowers and in the beautiful sky. Great composition as well. I'm sure glad you found these. Sad to say, I never saw many flowers while being out to sea for 160 days straight on the USS Theodore Roosevelt...:)Lots of jellyfish though. You're lucky! j/k It's a good thing you captured these beauties! I can almost smell em'...
Thank you for serving and good luck out there.

shutterbug (0) [2004-09-07 22:01]

aaahhhh...One of my favorite movies of all time (I want to be an animator for Pixar someday:) IMHO,I would have cropped a bit tighter,but good job with putting "Marlin(Nemo's dad)" in lower thirds. Like the movie says,"With friends like these, who needs anemone's?" (Doesn't really apply here, but clever none the less) :) Keep up the good photography!