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snaphappyannie (24) [2008-07-28 15:04]

Stunning detail. Spot-on composition, exposure and focusing. Wish I could produce these kinds of results! You're all so good on this site!

snaphappyannie (24) [2008-07-28 15:01]

Superb! Everything about this image shouts "quality". Can't say more!

snaphappyannie (24) [2008-07-28 14:59]

Expertly handled. Composition, focusing and exposure all spot on. Wish I'd taken it!

snaphappyannie (24) [2008-07-28 14:57]

Love the composition and the diffused background. Loses focus a little towards the top. If this was my picture, I would probably clone out the thistle bud in the lower centre.

snaphappyannie (24) [2008-07-28 14:42]

Your exposure has accurately captured the beautiful colour of this butterfly. Good composition. My eye keeps being drawn to that light flower top left, though. Could be cloned out?

snaphappyannie (24) [2008-07-28 14:36] [comment]

An accurate record of this mushroom. From a photographic point of view, do you think it needs to be isolated more from the background? In Photoshop, you could try a little Gaussian Blur, then add a layer mask, and with the opacity reduced, select a soft brush, and gently "paint back" detail where you want it (in the mushroom - 100%, and in the foreground, grading it from 100% sharp to 100% blurred.

snaphappyannie (24) [2008-07-28 7:53] [comment]

Very skillful macro work in my opinion, Art. Exposure/focusing spot-on. Every pollen grain can be counted! The yellow stamen/petals make a great background/foreground.

snaphappyannie (24) [2008-07-28 7:46] [comment] [+]

Skillfully done, My Wong. Beautiful light and the lotus flower is crisp and sharp. The little "visitor" adds that all important point of interest and is in just the right place. Really enjoyed this - thanks for sharing.