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sprok (33) [2007-03-18 14:09] [+]

Do you know that grey squirrels are classed as vermin? It's a great pix and very well taken. However I live in red squirrel country and part of the reason for their decline is, unfortunately, the grey.

sprok (33) [2007-03-06 15:44] [+]

Truly wonderful shot - I want to touch the wings they look so real! Was this a lucky shot or did you wait for it to land. Do you know what dragonfly it is?

sprok (33) [2007-03-06 15:38]

Hi Andrea - looks like a Humming-bird Hawk Moth to me. These moths fly during the day and are often mistaken for hummingbirds but are insects. You can see the long proboscis reaching into the flower (member of borage family perhaps lungwort)for nectar. You're lucky to have photographed one.