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subbu68 (211) [2013-12-21 17:24] [comment]

Hi Srikumar

Nice and sharp. BG is dissolved!!


subbu68 (211) [2013-12-21 17:22] [comment]

Hi Chris

not an easy shot. Well captured, sharp and good lighting too.


subbu68 (211) [2013-12-21 17:19] [comment]

Nice close-up of the egret. Beautiful background and so much of details. A bit of increase in exposure could bring up some more light on it's face?


subbu68 (211) [2013-12-21 17:16] [comment]

If there were a double smiley this photo should get that. superb shot, sharp and detailed, perfect lighting and captured the action. What a shot!!

subbu68 (211) [2013-12-09 9:38]

Nice sharp photo. The wings could have been recovered by bringing down the Highlights.

subbu68 (211) [2013-11-18 8:39] [+]

You got a wonderful shot of hoopoe. Very sharp and detailed. Was the lighting a fill-in flash?

subbu68 (211) [2013-11-15 6:09]

What to say?!! Super sharp, got it with a nice pose, nice lighting and angle. Excellent shot


subbu68 (211) [2013-11-15 6:06] [comment]

A dramatic shot I would say.

subbu68 (211) [2013-11-15 2:27] [comment]

That's a beautiful shot Luciano. The BG makes the butterfly standout. Very good detail too.

subbu68 (211) [2013-11-08 21:44]

Well timed shot. Great colours and with the dark BG and light on the croc and bird makes it and excellent shot. Well done!!!