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suprasanna94 (82) [2014-01-18 20:18]

This is a very good pic with great clarity.

suprasanna94 (82) [2014-01-14 23:47]

This is nice picture. You had use the water reflection beautifully.

suprasanna94 (82) [2014-01-14 23:45]

Excellent shot. The bluish effect is fantastic. Great use of the third line. Super composition.

suprasanna94 (82) [2014-01-14 23:41]

Beautiful macro shot.

suprasanna94 (82) [2014-01-14 23:38]

Lovely shot. I just love the mood of the bird you had captured.

suprasanna94 (82) [2014-01-14 23:37]

Excellent capture with perfect caption.

suprasanna94 (82) [2013-07-14 7:59] [2]

The idea is good, but it will be better if you focused on the top of your main subject, with a higher f-number, rather focusing on the background.

suprasanna94 (82) [2013-06-22 11:42]

This is a beautiful Shot. Well composed with correct amount of light and sharpness.

suprasanna94 (82) [2013-06-22 11:40]

This is a good capture, but i think somewhere it is over exposed as some part of this picture is burned.

suprasanna94 (82) [2013-06-21 0:11]

Beautiful capture of this bird with the correct amount of light. The sharpness of this picture is very good. And after all it is a beautiful composition.