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welwitschia (40) [2012-10-06 22:06]

The centering is lovely, as is the sort of symmetrical and triangular positioning of the three blooms. Great details and texture. Thanks for bringing attention to such a gorgeous flower.

welwitschia (40) [2012-10-06 19:45]

Wonderful sharpness and clarity, and a really nice, un-cluttered composition. Love how you captured the iridescence of the leaf. The eggs remind me of little pearls!

welwitschia (40) [2012-10-04 19:43]

Love the pose of these two- such a dynamic scene.

welwitschia (40) [2012-10-04 19:15]

What an unusual plant! Great documentation of all the textures and contours.

welwitschia (40) [2012-10-04 19:05]

Beautiful composition and great clarity- it's nice to see terrain it inhabits in the background as well.

welwitschia (40) [2012-09-15 16:21]

Gorgeous scene. You definitely found a way to use the mist to your advantage. The fog creates a very nice contrasting background and makes for an exaggerated atmospheric perspective that causes the path to look like it stretches almost infinitely into the distance.

welwitschia (40) [2012-09-15 15:45]

A dignified portrait of this bird; great profile view. Nice definition and vibrancy of color.

welwitschia (40) [2012-09-13 11:56]

Great documentation of this species- a sharp, vibrant image.

welwitschia (40) [2012-09-12 22:17]

Gorgeous landscape- love all the textures from the different terrains and the vibrancy of the colors.

welwitschia (40) [2012-09-09 22:35]

Great clarity and nice compositional choice regarding centering of the lake. Also it's nice how much perspective plays into this image. Glorious landscape!