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anniejo (0) [2007-04-29 21:58] [+]

Great shot!! I loved the contrast of black and white....I see a bonus of what looks like the gull's last meal still hanging from his
Good focus....good photo!!
Thanks for sharing

anniejo (0) [2007-04-25 22:21]

Beautiful YELLOW!!
My personal favorite SPRING flower!
Very nice focus..........I think I see a light green bug of some sort in amongst the yellow blossoms..........maybe a spider...
maybe not.....
Nicely framed, great composition and very clearly defined buds/blossoms!!

anniejo (0) [2007-04-22 23:09] [+]

Aeolean imprint, or not, it is a lovely photo!!

Great shades of blue, and good composition!!

Thanks for sharing.

anniejo (0) [2007-04-22 23:07]

Nicely composed photo of the gull....commonplace at the beach, and they always seem to be "on patrol".....especially when we remove the bait from our crabpots!!
Busy as bees............vigilant as gulls!!

anniejo (0) [2007-04-22 23:04]

I'd vote for "BEE" these guys are important for ALL of us.
Today is Earth Day here, and a reminder that all of us are connected........and that includes all "creatures" great and small......

Lovely flower, and awesome bumblebee....!!
Thanks for sharing!!!

anniejo (0) [2007-04-19 14:59] [+]

Next time, you might ASK the beetle to NOT move its "rump" closer to the lens.....;=))

Nicely photoed, with good clarity, and nice
BG colors. One can almost see the sky/clouds
in the "belly of the beast".....

Great accompanying notes, and overall, a
great shot!!

anniejo (0) [2007-04-17 23:55] [+]

I really like the composition on this photo!
Creatively done, with a nice balance of "overhang" and sunset.

anniejo (0) [2007-04-17 23:50] [+]

Nice composition on this photo. The contrast with the BG is very creatively composed.


anniejo (0) [2007-04-17 23:37] [+]

I LOVE the colors in this photo. The blue stones play off the vibrant green of the snake, OR, is it the other way around?

Seems as if this snake is shielding his eyes from the light...I do that sometimes too, especially when I'm not quite ready to awaken in the a.m.;+))

Great've captured the bit of sunlight in the upper right, that adds a lot of "texture" to this shot, and gives the green snake an almost opaque look.

Great job!

anniejo (0) [2007-04-16 23:03] [+]

Glorious colors!! This flower is one of my favorites!

Nicely photoed, with stunning color variations and crisp details!!
Very impressive capture, I think the soft lighting has helped.....