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anniejo (0) [2007-04-16 0:50]

Nice POV on this shot....and I really like
the effect of the shadow of this awesome
lil ant,(maybe carpenter ant??) which is cast onto the piece of wood.....Surely would hate to meet this "guy" in a
dark alley late at night.
GOOD color, and nice BG.

anniejo (0) [2007-04-09 13:34]

I think you got a "two-fer"; TWO "Easter Surprises" for the price of one!!

I like the composition on this photo.....the
granite, the wood, and twigs standing upright in the BG. I love the way the snow has provided a "negative space" on each of your
elements..........and curved softly at the top of the snow, before incorporating the twigs/branches/trees in the BG.

anniejo (0) [2007-04-03 16:57] [+]

Nice photo of what MIGHT be new growth on the "crocus" or the Wm Guinness Columbine, with the old spent leaves yet in evidence....
then again............

Nice FG and well-faded BG, clear, sharp
and concise photo!!

anniejo (0) [2007-04-02 22:57] [+]

Nicely photoed!! I really like the fresh green of this "plant"; almost an opaqueness
to it!!

Maybe Spring really is coming to the east
coast of Canada!!

Great focus, and beautiful color!!

anniejo (0) [2007-03-23 20:03]

I like the "colors" you've captured in this shot; the "almost blues" in the BG
as well as the grays in the seed cage itself.
Nicely photoed, great composition; BG is
appropriately blurred,seed cage is sharply focussed.
Well done!!

anniejo (0) [2007-03-22 13:12]

Dinner is defintely READY!!

Sharp, clean and relevant capture of this one!!

Well done!


anniejo (0) [2007-03-22 13:08]

Title might well have been, "The Care and Feeding of Iceflowers".....

Lovely capture!
Coming from the prairie states, it reminded me of the sunflowers that grow so freely there, though painted with the brush of frost/ice.

Nicely macroed, Fabulously Photoed!!

anniejo (0) [2007-03-21 23:33]

Very good shot, with a GREAT POV!!
Your nose must have gotten cold to be so
close to the icicles!!

You've done another great macro and your
notes were wonderful!!

anniejo (0) [2007-03-21 23:31] [+]

"A King's ransom in jewels; dripping
with irridescent pearls; liquid and lovely.
All from Mother Nature's jewel box, arranged
and displayed for our pleasure."

Great shot of a most interesting and creative POV.....

Thanks for sharing!!

anniejo (0) [2007-03-21 23:18]

Good macro shot.
Amazing how air gets trapped in the icicle, suspended as it is.
But I did love the irridescence of the sun's "flare" captured in the photo!!