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ingridshaul Gold Star Critiquer [C: 262 W: 0 N: 0] (0) [2010-10-18 8:07]

Ciao Amico
nomen et omen

I keep being amazed about the variety of Ladybirds in Europe!

Here in South Africa, as far as I could ascertain, they all have many dots and some none...

Your pair looks very smart like freshly polished for the photo!
Do you have lot of flowers in your garden in Spoleto in order to attract so many insects? I see you took this photo in May. In South Africa Gardeners say, that Ladybirds eat aphids, the enemy of every gardener. Watching this pair, you should have enough Ladybirds next summer... :-)

A lovely photo with brilliant colours.

Thank you for sharing caro amico
Ciao Ingrid
PS I hope Ferrari will do better in Korea!!

ingridshaul Gold Star Critiquer [C: 262 W: 0 N: 0] (0) [2010-10-18 7:03]

Bonjour Pierre
Sorry I have not visited your portfolio lately, but we moved to another town and I had to attend to 170 boxes...

Since then - typical rural area - the Internet had hickups...

Anyway - thanks for showing this beautiful view from the plaane. Unfortunately, like always through these thick window panes the colours are a bit distorted. But overall it is a breath-taking landscape.

Have a good week

ingridshaul Gold Star Critiquer [C: 262 W: 0 N: 0] (0) [2010-10-18 5:53]

Chere Amie,Cathy
I posted earlier a critique to your photo - and when I added it to my favorites - everything disappeared. Should it reappear later on, I am neither tipsy nor drugged at this time of the day...

Right, I try again; As soon as I saw the thumbnail of your work I thought of the Carnival in Venice: Glitter, Colour, Fun, Craziness, Sensuality and movement everywhere. Insects showing us in four episodes how to do it properly :-))

I thank you for putting this collage together and hope you had as much fun as I have looking at it again and again. I add it to my favorites so I can look at it when ever I want...

I wish you a happy day and a fun-filled week
Love and a big hug

ingridshaul Gold Star Critiquer [C: 262 W: 0 N: 0] (0) [2010-10-17 11:57] [4] [+]

sevgili küçük kardeşim

Thanks for showing this beautiful couple - the female quite different - with a nice colour-coordinated frame.

Did you use a flash?

Apparently Gediz is quite an important wetland: did you go there for a specific reason?

As I mentioned somewhere else - your filing system is number 1 - to find all these photos after 2 years plus the notes...

I often wonder if these butterflies are very delicate?!? i.e. can they still fly after being touched, the scales disturbed? You can see, I have never had anything to do with butterflies after living for over 20 years in an area without flowers...

But here at the dam I have sen already lots of buds - so may be - I'll see butteflies as well!

iyi geceler sevgili arkadaşım.
küçük kardeşim

ingridshaul Gold Star Critiquer [C: 262 W: 0 N: 0] (0) [2010-10-17 10:05]

Dear Nasit,
A beautiful dedication for your ''second family''.

You chose a good landscape to express your feelings about leaving them, and I can see they love it.

Novembe is always a sad month, and the weather makes it more so.

The image could be painted by a French Impressionist, and you chose a perfect frame to under line ''bonjour tristesse''

I wish you all the bet for your studies ands am sure, you will make new friends.

Kendine iyi bak!

ingridshaul Gold Star Critiquer [C: 262 W: 0 N: 0] (0) [2010-10-17 9:36]

Lieber Markus
Dein wunderschoenes Still-Leben macht mir Heimweh.

Durch zu trockene Atmosphere gibt es in den meisten Gegenden Suedafrika's keine Herbst Farben. (Lebe sei kurzem an einem Damm und vielleicht werde naechsten Herbst als ""Herbst"" erleben.)

Die natuerlichen Farben sind gut durch den Rahmen unterstuetzt.

Ist im Hinterground vielleicht eine Glasscheibe? Es sieht fast aus, als ob Wasser herunter rinnen wuerde auf der linken Seite des Bildes...

TFS Herzlich Gruesse und eine gute Woche

ingridshaul Gold Star Critiquer [C: 262 W: 0 N: 0] (0) [2010-10-17 9:18] [+]

DEar Volkan,
Thank you for showing this intereting species on TrekNature.

I like very much how you controlled tightly the depth of field and especially the natural colours.

Have a nice evening and thank you for adding me to your list of favorites.
İyi bir hafta dilerim

ingridshaul Gold Star Critiquer [C: 262 W: 0 N: 0] (0) [2010-10-17 8:04]

Dear Doreen
A lovely family scene! It shows clearly, why they say in Austria, if a person is totally enamoured with a baby, to display ''Affenliebe'': Monkey love!

You managed very well the difficult exposure i.e. the black face and the silvery fur!

Focus is also very good, can even see the nipple...

Thanks for showing this image enhanced by the natural colours.

Have a nice evening and good week,
Warm Regards

ingridshaul Gold Star Critiquer [C: 262 W: 0 N: 0] (0) [2010-10-17 7:28]

Dear Peter,
This image is first class!!

The tired Lion after a big hunt! Quite often Lions get kicked badly by the Buffaloes, when they defend a calf, and this goes for hours, as I have seen in the south of the park...

You must be delighted with this great photo - ass seen on the walls in the Lodges in the Lowveld!

Congratulations and I add this great image to my favorites. Thank you for showing this on TrekNature.

Have a nice evening and a good week

Good Night and warm Regards

ingridshaul Gold Star Critiquer [C: 262 W: 0 N: 0] (0) [2010-10-17 6:09] [+]

arkadaşım Bayram,
Sorry to look delayed at your beautiful couple (Internet has hiccups.)

Volkan expresses the opinion of the majority of TN members, that you should publish these series!!

You mention in your interesting notes they being a pest (I mean Küçük Beyaz Melek ) - and I notice on your photo damage to the leaves; do they actually eat them or is it their caterpillars?

Your technically perfect work allows us to see a multitude of details, including the fine frill on the edge of the wings.

Perfect presentation!
Anybody saying different should read the story of the fox and the sour grapes!

Have a nice evening
Kendine iyi bak!
Güzel bir yeni hafta
dileklerimle arkadaşım.