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anniejo (0) [2007-03-21 23:14]

Nicely photoed!!
Interesting shot, especially with the ripples on the water as the wind skitters over the surface! The change in the color of the water is very noticeable!!

anniejo (0) [2007-03-21 23:11]

Another well-composed shot of a storm passing over/through!!
I was mesmerized by the clouds/waves/seaspray, and then caught the tips of the trees in the BG that were also being buffeted by the wind.

Wonderfully expressive shot!!


anniejo (0) [2007-03-20 12:06]

What a FABULOUS shot!!
My congratulations to you for your patience and skill in capturing such a wonderful photo of these interesting insects!

Clarity, color and detail make the photo very unique!

anniejo (0) [2007-03-19 15:44] [+]

Fabulous color!!
Grandiose composition!!
Nicely faded BG!!
ALL in all, a glorious celebration of color
and form!!

Thanks for sharing this one!!

anniejo (0) [2007-03-18 0:13]

Nice one!!
I KNEW spring was a'comin' to YOUR neighborhood!!

Nice macro shot.....and nice idea to focus solely on the "subject" and leave the BG to fend for itself!!

Nice touch for St. Paddy's DAY!!

anniejo (0) [2007-03-15 17:49] [+]

Hmmmm, first impression: Two Native Americans riding off together in a pact of peace, the feathers of their colorful headdresses blowing in the wind.....

I think the "hot and cold" reference might be to the cold of the "iceflowers" and the
contrasting droplets of water that form the backsides of the riders I see :+))
Great composition, great capture of an interesting photo, and another one of Mother Nature's wonderful presentation on a cold day!!

anniejo (0) [2007-03-15 0:27]

Nice "standout" away from the background.
An interesting shot; spider almost looks like it is posing for this one!!
Wonder how LONG it had to sit there awaiting dinner!!

Good composition.....great colors.....
wonderful POV!!

anniejo (0) [2007-03-13 22:07]

Serenity at its finest!!
Wonderful color values in this shot.....the lines of the water, the colors of the last of the sun's rays reflected so superbly in the water.
Great composition!!
Looks like you might have been walking on the water to achieve this effect!!
Hip boots might have been a help!!

Thanks for sharing this one!!

anniejo (0) [2007-03-11 23:51]

I see what appears to be hoarfrost, then I see the "ferns, fronds, feathers" of the central photo, and finally, at the bottom more hoarfrost, almost like a picture frame!!

I also see a couple of "globules" perhaps from melting/melted water which have then
frozen over again....but they surely add
interest to the total photo!!

Lovely POV, and a GREAT shot!!
You've photoed another WINNER!!

anniejo (0) [2007-03-07 23:38] [+]

Another great capture!
Seems we often aren't aware of the drama taking place outside in Nature's "laboratory", so this was a nice way to be brought into the awareness that it is a
feast-a-day for even the smallest creatures!

Nice macro shot.....nice color, rich textures, and interesting POV!

Thanks for this one!!