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anniejo (0) [2007-03-05 23:03]

I think I've been to this "river" just east and south of Columbia Lake!!
You've done a wonderful job of photoing this one; capturing the mood as well as the haze
that intensifies the blue/gray values and gives the photo such depth!!

anniejo (0) [2007-03-05 22:51]

If one were to change the white surface to a
yellow-orange, this scene would closely resemble molten lava, so smooth and "flowing" is the water.
I like the way you've captured water's surface; it has a rather surreal aspect to it.
Nice mood, great colors, great light and reflections!!

anniejo (0) [2007-03-02 23:04] [+]

You have captured a great shot; a sunset, the
radiating spokes of the sun's rays, the sparkling diamonds of the water and the cloud bank that will soon swallow up the sun............
Makes me want to go to Newfoundland!!

anniejo (0) [2007-02-14 13:02] [+]

Very interesting POV on this one!!! Looks
as if you were almost laying on the ground to
capture this photo.

Nice contrast, and overall a great composition!!

anniejo (0) [2007-02-12 23:14]

Good "photographer notes"; I appreciated the information on Hurricane Juan's damage to your province...
I also enjoyed this photo which has a bit of a different "perspective" in relation to the water and the island which tends to hide your
horizon. I see the high spot on the island which gives the illusion of the photo being somewhat tilted, but doubt that is the case.

Nice shadows, and the very dark outline of the downed tree, which stands out in sharp
contrast to the water, gives your photo an
eerie feeling.

You have done another "Phine Photo"

anniejo (0) [2007-02-12 12:40] [+]

More "Brrrrrrrr".....but also "Bbbbbbeautiful"......and Mother Nature
is wont to do from time by "painting" these lovely patterns on our windows.......
You've done another FAB job of photoing and
presenting an interesting composition on this shot!!

anniejo (0) [2007-02-10 13:14]

I like this early morning shot there in the Rockies, with the moon as a bonus!!!

Looks cold, and likely WAS a cold beginning to the new day!!

Nice background, but then, with the background being the Rockies, how could you miss!!!

anniejo (0) [2007-02-09 17:05] [+]

Well, maybe NOT the "GOLD coast", but I'd think it COULD be the "Cold Coast", what with the white ice on Thumbcap in the background.....
At any rate, it is a first-rate photo, and the mergansers only add to the NS slogan, "Canada's Ocean Playground".....

Very nicely shot!!


anniejo (0) [2007-02-07 23:48] [+]

Nicely done on this one!!
You've got a lot of patience to catch this
guy at his/her "feast"......

Great POV, and nice fade-out on the B/G.....

Overall, GREAT shot!!

anniejo (0) [2007-02-07 23:29] [+]

AWESOME composition, as well as creative inpretation of the ice image!!!
Great POV; great foreground, and guess the background just did its "thing".....

Very nice are to be congratulated on this one!!!