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List NameGroup CreatorDate Created# Members# SubscribersDescription
only natureVikilovesnature2014-03-1320anything and everything about nature
Indian Wildlifemonujakhal2012-10-1220India has a lot of bio- diversity
Amit's groupasg1232011-09-0740Through stones, negative critiques on me : I wish to face those, as only then I will be your friend.
Edible Wild Plantsyashitaka2011-08-0810Fond of botany ? cooking ? photography ?
Please join this group, meet edible wild plants photographers and discover that you can often eat the subjects of your floral pictures (safely, tastefully and free) ;)
Insectvijeeshbabu2011-04-26131those who love insect photography
European herptiles.Morbid2011-01-1110Reptiles and amphibians of Europe ( Euroasia).
birds and animalssulemani2010-05-2260nature photography
birds in pakistansulemani2010-05-2220i like if you share your wonderful photos with this group
Birds in Indiaenvisage2010-03-0711Add pictures of all birds found in India. Save nature and wildlife.
Tigers in Indiaenvisage2010-03-0710Add photos of tigers in India. Promote Save the Tiger initiative.
Albertan PhotographersAdanac2010-02-19111This group is made up of photographers who share the natural beauty of their home province of Alberta.
Herptile Photographersboreocypriensis2010-02-17141Photographers who photographed herptiles (amphibians & herptiles) without taking into the nationalism
Bird Photographersboreocypriensis2010-02-17220Photographers who photographed birds without taking into the nationalism
Cypriot Nature Photographersboreocypriensis2010-02-17121Includes only Cypriot (bicommunal: Turkish and Greek) photographers
Botanyoanaotilia2010-02-06173Beacuse I am a flora/flower lover, I would like to include in this group all those that are contributed and still contribute to discover the flora of around the world. Principally, I consider those that are botanists by profession, but not only them. To identify a plant could be boring for may people, but could provide enormously satisfactions as well.
I hope that I will not forget somebody, and if so, please forgive me and feel free to join
odonata your friendflashpoint2010-01-13200
Renroc's FavouritesRenroc2009-10-2010
Taleghanamir2008m2009-10-1410Taleghan Taleghoon Taleghoun Talegoon Talegoun Taleqan Taleqoon Taleqoun Talaghoon Talaghoun Talaghon Tehran Iran Hidden Paradise
طالقان - طالقون - تالقون - تالاقون - تالقان -
Romanian Photographersroges2009-09-27401Doresc ca acest grup sa apartina fotografilor romani sau de origine romana care posteaza pe TN.
Sper sa fim cit mai multi si sa ne ajutam cu sfaturi sau propuneri pentru a ne imbunatati performantele in arta fotografica.
Tuturor va doresc numai fotografii frumoase, comentarii placute si o colaborare cit mai fructuoasa.
Va multumesc pentru participare.
Landscape and seascaperoges2009-09-26430Landscapes and seascape lovers from around the globe are invited to join this group.
I want to bring together different views of pictures about places of the world.
Thank you for your participation.
I hope together to discover the beautiful landscapes and seascape of the world.