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List NameGroup CreatorDate Created# Members# SubscribersDescription
Iranian Friendsmasoud562007-08-1930
nouveaux favorismarieproue2007-06-26460
Dutch photographersSunToucher2007-06-10291Photographers from the Netherlands
Northern SunsetsTBW2007-01-2210Capturing the special light in the winter months north of the Arctic Circle (66 degrees N).
The idea is to show the fantastic colours and light in the sky in the period of sunset/sunrise when the sun dont rise above the horizon!
Naturegannu2006-11-2010The shot was taken in the morning in my garden
Macro Photosvoyager12006-09-3030My Macro Photos Taken in The Nkomati Korridor
Landscape PhotographersSunToucher2006-09-23505My favorite Landscape Photographers
My Freindshabgard222006-07-1310
Birds of Hondurasmartinebert2006-06-1910Photos of unusual or rare birds of Honduras. Special emphasis on the Honduran Emerald, Honduras' only endemic bird and the most endangered bird in Central America.
Birds of a feather!sunkirana2006-02-0610Starting with the bird. Will explore more factes of nature as time progresses!
Frequent critiquersgerhardt2005-12-07481Members who have submitted more than 15 critiques per photo posted.

(Max members are 50, so the cut off was 600 points, sorry)
Catsmajstereka2005-11-2510In this list you can list photographs of cats, big and small.
TN Portuguessealejandroguzman2005-11-1640
TN Englishalejandroguzman2005-11-16270
TN Espaņolalejandroguzman2005-11-1660
Autumn coloursKellEy2005-11-0810Any photos taken in the autumn that show the colours of the season.