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Name: Marina Frintrop
Country: Germany
Intro: Passionate amateur photographer from the Ruhrgebiet (Ruhr area) in Germany, fascinated by nature & technology. Equipped with a Canon EOS 400d and a Fuji Finepix S5700 for close-ups from 1 cm... absolutely amusing.
Enjoy my photos and excuse my pidgin-Englisch ;o)
Member Since: 2008-06-15
Camera: Canon EOS 400D, Fuji Finepix S5700, Praktica DPix 530Z
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Title: Jackdaw Dohle (Corvus monedula)Canon EOS 400D
Jackdaw Dohle (Corvus monedula) (6)
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United Kingdom
Title: RiverviewCanon EOS 400D
Riverview (8)
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Title: Colors of NaturePraktica DPix 530Z
Colors of Nature (4)
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