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Name: Andrew Trott
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: Living in Pinner, North West London, not far from Ruislip Woods, the English countryside is not far away. My interest in nature photography grew after taking a very successful picture of a Mandarin Duck in Pinner Memorial Park.
My first camera was given to me by someone who watched me racing motorcycles at Brands Hatch in the 1970's. I have recently retired from working on aircraft components near noisy London Airport so photographing the natural world makes a pleasant change. Each May blue tits nest in a box on my garage and over several years I have recorded their complete life cycle. My current gear is EOS 3 and 30D bodies, 100-400 IS, 24-85,17-85is,50mm MK1 and 100 macro lenses, converters and tubes. 550 EX and 200E flashes. Manfrotto O55 tripod and Slik 800 ball head.
Member Since: 2007-08-07
Camera: Canon 30D
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