Steven Le Vourc'hName: Steven Le Vourc'h
Country: France
Intro: y name is Steven Le Vourc'h and I`m 34 years old. I left Cameroon in March 2009 for Mozambique.

I jumped into intensive photography when I started working in 1999, especially because my first job assigned me to Angola, south of Africa. It was a terrible shock but a great personnal experience.

Since then my speciality always allowed me to travel and these opportunites gave me the taste for discovering new places, new people, new cultures. This is a taste I have the pleasure to share with my wife who is the Queen of the travel planning.

I'm glad to have discovered the TE/TN/TL communities in the summer 2003 since I believe it increased my awareness of what can contribute to build an interesting, informative picture that people can appreciate. I learned a lot here by reading, testing, sharing ideas and looking at other people's pictures.

Today, I use digital equipment : Canon EOS 5D mark II, 20D, 5 lenses from 17mm to 400mm + flash unit + tripod + few filters.

I currently have three main fields of interest :
- urban landscapes at night,
- travel photography,
- portraits.

Prints available at

I wait for your comments, positive or negative.
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