Deeb YoungName: Deeb Young
Country: United States
Intro: My name is D. Brent Young. My sweetheart calls me "Deeb" (D.B.), the name that I use on my photos.

So, having always been an outdoor adventurer, I started to carry a small camera about a year ago to bring back shots from my wilderness hikes to show my wife and kids where I have been. (I always venture out alone).

Bringing back photos and seeing them on my computer monitor became the highlight of my trips, and thus started my obsession with outdoor photography. Now, every chance I get, I am out shooting or scouting locations to shoot whenever I can. My family has been very understanding, letting me rant on and on about the beauty I experience, but they do enjoy the photos.

Eager to learn, I have enjoyed the expertise and excellant work that can be found on this site.

Any critique or comment you can offer will be appreciated.

Thanks, Deeb.
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