Dominik SALONName: Dominik SALON
Country: France
Intro: I French am withdrawn for some time in the Berry-Sologne. I am not professional photography and my photographs are only blows of heart, therefore practically never retouchées.Mes let us pass practised are the drawing, painting the sculpture, the photograph and the genealogy, and the music... but I can only listen to it! And for a few months I have launched out in the creation of a small independent publisher which will publish can be... a book of photographs!.
Forgiveness for my bad language
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Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ50
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Title: Guepe
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Title: reflection in a water puddle poolPanasonic Lumix DMC FZ50
reflection in a water puddle pool
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Title: flower of dandelionPanasonic Lumix DMC FZ50
flower of dandelion
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