Ivan RabasName: Ivan Rabas
Country: Czech Republic
Intro: My name is Ivan Rabas, I was born in 1948 and I live in an industrial city Ostrava, Czech Republic.
I make photos for many years (40+ years) and I have a lot of experience from photographic expeditions. I have visited many countries in Europe. I was twice in Africa too - in Egypt and Tunis.

Together with my friends I am travelling to many different places to make some nice shots.

During all these years with camera I learnt a lot by myself, but of course many of my friends photographers taught me a lot too.

They actually convinced me to show my photos to the public. Just few weeks ago I found this amazing website, so I decided to upload here some work.

Personally I rank myself on level of the strong and stubborn amateurs with a great desire to make at least one really amazing photo. Sometimes I feel Ive got it, but many times I just miss it and that moment is lost forever.

My photo equipment: Nikon D90 with the lens Nikkor 18-105, Tamron 90 for macro, Sigma 12-24, Sigma 70-300, flash Nikon SB 600, tripods, polarising and gradient filters etc.

My personal website is http://www.fotorabas.cz. If you are interested, just check it out!
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Camera: Nikon D 90
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Czech Republic
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