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Title: I Come...Canon PowerShot G7
I Come... (2)
royanto Silver Note Writer [C: 3 W: 0 N: 11] (384)

crop, sharpen, soften highlights
crop, sharpen, soften highlights
IndonesiaWild Silver Star Critiquer/Silver Note Writer [C: 14 W: 3 N: 38] (102) [2007-03-26 01:29:10] [1]
Hai Royanto,

Aku berusaha main dgn lebah ini tanpa keringat... :)

Lebah ini sendiri memang luar biasa. Aku coba crop supaya dia "lonchat" dari foto lebih baik. Baru aku select matanya dan badannya dgn quick mask sama paintbrush yg besar dan 'soft'. Lalu aku pakai smart sharpen radius .8 amount 30% dlm seleksi itu. Karena fokus dalam kameramu sdh pas, sharpen sedikit ini hanya mendorong impactnya.

Aku lalu berusaha seleksi bunga dan menurun highlights paling terang dgn curves. Detail highlight bunga memang hilang dlm jpg ini. Aku mau suruh mata kita "jangan lari ke posisi terang!" tapi aku belum begitu puas dgn effect ini.

Dgn kamera digital aku sering kena masalah dgn "blown out highlight"--highlight yg terlalu terang sampai detail hilang dan tdk bisa dikembalikan. Klo aku syuting dlm matahari terang, kadang-kadang aku merasa lebih "aman" syuting dgn exposure setting -0.5 atau -0.7. Mungkin -1.0 klo syuting obyek terang dgn background lebih gelap begini. Aku terus main-main aja.

Great shot all around!! Ma'af klo bahasa saya agat susah...


Title: Clinging to SurvivalNikon        D70s
Clinging to Survival (30) *
IndonesiaWild Silver Star Critiquer/Silver Note Writer [C: 14 W: 3 N: 38] (102)

out of the blue...
out of the blue...
IndonesiaWild Silver Star Critiquer/Silver Note Writer [C: 14 W: 3 N: 38] (102) [2007-03-25 23:57:03]
Steve (LordPotty) admirably confessed that this image was looking blue--something that had bugged me as well since posting.

Am I allowed to workshop my own photo??

Anyway, in curves I took down blue highlights then lifted RGB highlights while holding down the darker bits. Then added a bit of saturation to this densely shaded scene. I think this is an improvement--thanks Steve!

This was a "grab shot" captured on my Nikon D70 while my Fuji S2 was anchored down to the 500/f4 monster. In general, I find it a challenge to get nice colors out of that D70. Especially in shady conditions--merely warming up color temperature leads to a sepia-toned muddiness, I find. The Fuji, on the other hand, gives Velvia-like colors in all conditions, including shade. D200 is better than the D70, but still not Fuji-colored. I'll now tackle this issue in a forum.

To be continued...

Dominican Republic
Title: National Bird
National Bird (16)
buteo_ridgwayi Silver Note Writer [C: 2 W: 0 N: 15] (82)

spotlight on breast and face
spotlight on breast and face
IndonesiaWild Silver Star Critiquer/Silver Note Writer [C: 14 W: 3 N: 38] (102) [2007-03-25 02:12:19] [2] [+]
Such a stellar image in all regards, I couldn't resist taking it for a spin...

I just quick-masked some of the bird's head and breast with a big fuzzy brush, inverted the selection and pulled up the curves from about the 60% highlight region. I was worried about reducing the contrast between the bird and that gorgeous background, so my selection stayed inside the bird, not extending right to its edge.

Excellent work Pedro!!

Title: Duckling  water reflections 2Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30
Duckling water reflections 2 (10)
Mariol Gold Star Critiquer/Silver Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 160 W: 15 N: 1654] (8221)

crop, clone, curves, sat
crop, clone, curves, sat
IndonesiaWild Silver Star Critiquer/Silver Note Writer [C: 14 W: 3 N: 38] (102) [2007-03-25 01:50:11]
My first workshop! Naturally, I made it easy on myself by starting with great material. I like the artistry of this baby floating in a cloudy sky. Nice simple composition that jumps out even as a thumbnail. And Mario did well to keep those clouds from blowing out--not easy with digital. There's even a catchlight in the duckling's eye--very handy considering there's no fill flash.

All I tried was:

1) Crop to highlight the subject a tad more and give what feels like a slightly less balanced, more dynamic composition. I noticed I was also mindful of edges--cutting the cloud and sky boundaries in ways that preserved my impression that this pattern goes on forever.

2) Clone out the mystery blob behind the duck's butt. It added too much mystery and got fouled in my crop. Oh, I also cloned away a dark and dismembered bit of the duckling's head reflection. Just to piss off the purists.

3) Apply a universal curves adjustment, pulling up the 3/4 highlights and then pulling midtones down a bit. This improved contrast and pushed the clouds toward white, without going beyond printing gamut.

4) Apply another lightening curves adjustment to the duckling, after quick masking him with a big fuzzy brush and then inverting the selection.

5) Universally increase saturation by +5. This restores some of the zing lost to overcast conditions. That said, the soft lighting is perfect.

Nothing drastic, but it's been fun!