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Name: Isabelle Briggs
Country: United States
Intro: Hey! I'm still a young student, but I love photography! I don't have bery advanced cameras, so I try my best with what I've got! I'm a bit of an "amateur" I guess you could say, so constructive criticism is welcome! Most of my photographs are of nature, but by nature I do mean mostly my backyard, weeds, etc. Yet I love love photography, especially when you take a picture without looking, and it comes out marvelous! It's what I look forward too every time I turn on my camera!
Member Since: 2007-06-04
Camera: Canon Powershot A75
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Title: purples and reds
purples and reds
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United States
Title: stretching
stretching (2)
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Title: gold and castle ruins
gold and castle ruins (2)
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