Name: Rui Miranda
Country: Portugal
Intro: Im a begginner in photography, only started one year ago, but it has become a great hobby, which i like a lot. I expect to ear your comments and critiques, so i can get better, and i will show you my country, which is Portugal, and maybe other parts of the world...who knows...
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Camera: FujiFilm FinePix S5500, Minolta Dimage F100, Nikon D70s, Canon PowerShot S2 IS
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Title: Trip to the Zoo - 1Canon PowerShot S2 IS
Trip to the Zoo - 1 (2)
JBond (20)
Title: Hogna radiataNikon        D70s
Hogna radiata (8)
JBond (20)
Title: Stretching - Trip to the Zoo - 2Canon PowerShot S2 IS
Stretching - Trip to the Zoo - 2
JBond (20)
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