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Klaus RudloffName: Klaus Rudloff
Country: Germany
Intro: My name is Klaus Rudloff
I worked as scientific assistant and curator of mammals at Tierpark Berlin, Germany. My favorite animals are small mammals, small carnivores, deer, antelopes and reptiles.
I am an amateur photographer. Since I started my work at zoos around 40 years ago, I have taken many pictures of zoo animals and in the nature too
Member Since: 2008-10-15
Camera: Nikon D70S, Nikon D80, Nikon D90
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Title: Cream-coloured CourserNikon D80
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KlausRudloff Silver Note Writer [C: 2 W: 0 N: 21] (257)
Title: James' FlamingoNikon D80
James' Flamingo (4) *
KlausRudloff Silver Note Writer [C: 2 W: 0 N: 21] (257)
Title: Mating Spur-winged PloversNikon D90
Mating Spur-winged Plovers (4)
KlausRudloff Silver Note Writer [C: 2 W: 0 N: 21] (257)
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