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Nikolay MurenetsName: Nikolay Murenets
Country: Russia
Intro: My wife and I love to travel. We have been on almost all continents, including Antarctida.

Snow mountains and red rocks, deserts and primeval forests, glaciers and waterfalls, oceans and wildlife…

For us, photography is a way to keep track of what we saw during our trips.

If you know Russian you can find a lot of information about our trips worldwide on our website.

If Russian is not your strong suit you can visit our picture gallery.

Some of our pictures aren't interesting for TE folks and we've decided to show them here...

Member Since: 2005-02-04
Camera: Olympus E-10, Olympus E500
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Title: Gentoo penguinsOlympus E-10
Gentoo penguins (4)
Kolyamour (18)
South Africa
Title: It's delicious!Olympus E-10
It's delicious! (4)
Kolyamour (18)
Title: Unidentified butterflyOlympus E500
Unidentified butterfly
Kolyamour (18)
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