Name: Kumuda CV
Country: India
Intro: I live in Bangalore and by profession i am a software engineer. Photography is my favorite hobby. I always had a passion towards the photography and would enjoy the nature. I love taking photos of changing nature, close-ups of colourful flowers, shots of animals and birds.

When i went to take pictures of Tabebuia flowers in Bangalore in February 2009, i happened to meet Mr. Satish H and i got to know about trek nature. I have joined trek nature members groups very recently. Thanks to Mr. Satish H.
Member Since: 2009-02-28
Camera: Nikon D 80, Nikon FM10
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Title: resting dragonfly
resting dragonfly (4) RP
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Title: Mango blossom
Mango blossom
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Title: wild flower
wild flower (6)
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