Steve LauName: Steve Lau
Country: Canada
Intro: I became interested in photography when digital cameras became available. My first digital camera was a Sony Mavica FD-91 and was basically a point and shoot type that saved the pics on a floppy disc. I soon realized the limitation of this camera even though I had lots of fun with it. I then upgraded to a Sony DSC F828 a couple of years ago and it is still my present camera. Prior to the digital era, I have had no experience at all except a couple point and shoot type 35mm cameras but getting the picture developed before I could see the results just wasn't my thing at all. I'm hoping to learn much from the members of this site.
Member Since: 2006-01-15
Camera: Sony Alpha DSLR A100, Sony DSC-F828
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Title: Mallard Family 1Sony DSC-F828
Mallard Family 1 (2)
Lausy (94)
Title: Almost Grown DuckiesSony DSC-F828
Almost Grown Duckies
Lausy (94)
Title: Walking SeagullSony DSC-F828
Walking Seagull (4)
Lausy (94)
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