Karin SchmittName: Karin Schmitt
Country: Costa Rica
Intro: 24 February 2013
Living in the Costa Rican Caribbean brings me amazing images of nature every day. I'll be out back doing the laundry when some fantastic insect will drop by. "Bicha Rara!" is my cry as I run for the camera.

I was born and raised in New York City, but my family spent most of our free time on the water or in the mountains. My father was an amateur photographer who had a black and white lab in our basement, so I learned the basics and became much more involved during high school, using an old Miranda 35mm from the 1960's.

I chose the PowerShot because of its size and available manual features, which I have yet to learn, but I'm finding it very versatile. And it keeps taking better photos than I'm trying for.
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Camera: Canon PowerShot SX130 IS
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Costa Rica
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Costa Rica
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Costa Rica
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