Name: Nadine Rouleau
Country: Canada
Intro: Graphic designer, painter, illustrator, and now...what? Now you will see my pictures as a beginner in digital photo, so your comments and critics are fully appreciated.

I haven't been really active in photography for the last few months. Winter time is not my season. Even if the nature turns really nice under the snow, I still have a lack of inspiration. Since I live in the big Montreal, everything looks grey to me. I miss my place very much, and the nature as well. Maybe when the sun will warm my face again, I will be more creative.
Meanwhile, your pictures keeps me warm, and warm up my heart.

Thank you.
(You can see me on TL, as Nao; I shoot a little more on this site.)
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Camera: Nikon D70, Olympus stylus Digital 410
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