Name: Nico Schoots
Country: Netherlands
Intro: Already since I was young I have been photographing, mostly during trips/holidays. In November, 2003 I bought a digital camera and that has considerably increased the number of photo’s I take.

Moreover, in 2001 I joined ‘Natuurmonumenten’ as a volunteer to help a bit in preserving the nature near the place I live. Near Vlaardingen (about 10 km West of Rotterdam) is about 70 hectares of bog which is not reclaimed. That is fairly unique in The Netherlands.
Natuurmonumenten ( is an organisation established in 1905 in The Netherlands with about 950.000 members. The association owns about 90.000 hectares all over the country.
While working there, I always have my camera with me, and sometimes I get the chance to make a nice picture.

By sharing my photographs you can also see the beauty of the places where I have been. Of course you are invited to give me hints to improve the photos I have made and will make.
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Camera: Nikon Coolpix 3100
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Title: Peacock Butterfly
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