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Willem StolkName: Willem Stolk
Country: Netherlands
Intro: Since 1970 I am taking pictures, mostly nature; especially the sky and water, details are favourite also.

The camera's I have used: Pentax ME Super, Ricoh Mirai, HP812 (which died on me), a Pentax *istDs and now a Pentax again (K10D).

Since mid january 2006 I am involved in TL and TN. It is fun and addictive.

I have opened my website:
Member Since: 2006-01-09
Camera: HP Photosmart 812C, Pentax *ist DS, Pentax K10D
Note: None
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Title: Autumn in DeldenPentax K10D
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Title: White sparrow??Pentax *ist DS
White sparrow?? (2)
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Title: Yellow Calocera viscosaPentax *ist DS
Yellow Calocera viscosa (8)
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