Name: Nathan Field
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: Hey my name is Nathan Field. I am a student living in Wales. I am very interested in all types of photography, landscapes, portraits, still life, and abstract to name a few. I love photos that draw the eyes to something in them. I welcome all critiques and criticisms. I hope to learn a lot from you all.

"I'm not taking pictures, I'm making pictures" - David Halpern
Member Since: 2007-01-27
Camera: Konica Minolta X300, Olympus Camedia C750 UZ
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United Kingdom
Title: Evening WalkOlympus Camedia C750 UZ
Evening Walk
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United Kingdom
Title: All YellowOlympus Camedia C750 UZ
All Yellow
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Title: What You Looking At?Olympus Camedia C750 UZ
What You Looking At? (2)
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