Bryan TrigwellName: Bryan Trigwell
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: I became interested in photography after being frustrated at not being able to paint as I would have liked. I consider myself as being a very amateur photographer. During the 80's I owned 3 Nikon bodies and various lenses but simplified this later with a Canon EOS100. My interest waned slightly but when I retired in 1996 with more time my interest was rekindled, plus the advent of digital photography. Having owned a Nikon5700, Canon EOS300D I now have a Canon 20D with a 17mm-85mm plus a 100mm-400mm lens also a 1.4 converter. I am fortunate in having several good friends who are excellent photographers and a great help to me giving constructive criticism and advice. Iam also a member of the local photographic club, Morecambe Photographic Society, entering the club competitions with reasonable success.
Member Since: 2007-02-22
Camera: Canon 20D
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United Kingdom
Title: Coal Tit - Out of the shadeCanon 20D
Coal Tit - Out of the shade (4)
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United Kingdom
Title: Female ChaffinchCanon 20D
Female Chaffinch (12) RP
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United Kingdom
Title: Greater Spotted WoodpeckerCanon 20D
Greater Spotted Woodpecker (4)
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