Name: James Campbell
Country: Canada
Intro: 4th year Ecology undergrad attending the University of Alberta. I'm just a beginner photographer, and i recently just got my first camera, but its only a pretty bare-bones point and shoot.

Theres a lot of sweet pics around here, and I doubt I'll be able to compete with the majority of whats posted as my skill and equipment is sub-par, but I'll try to post a few gems i manage to capture.
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Camera: Nikon CoolPix S630
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United States
Title: Soaking in the desert sun...
Soaking in the desert sun... (8)
ace387 (19)
United States
Title: A curious tenant
A curious tenant
ace387 (19)
United States
Title: Polite enough to pose for a picture...
Polite enough to pose for a picture... (÷)
ace387 (19)
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