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Alejandro SegarraName: Alejandro Segarra
Country: Argentina
Intro: Argentinian, 25 years old and finishing my studies as an architect, Ive been working in an architecture office in the north suburbs of Buenos Aires for 5 years.
I became an apasionate for photography since I started travelling across my country, about 10 years ago. I trained my vision and sensitivity for the simple things of every day and I hope I still increase my modest technique and hability to preserve these things and moments of life.
Im also appasionate for mountains, specially for the Andes range in wich every year I try to reach one summit or do expeditions for long periods by myself just in contact with the real "Pacha Mama" (Mother earth) that gives us the gift of nature and its beauties, finding and discovering new places for me.
My dream: to travel around my country, visit every little corner and town with my cameras and document everything I see and learn from the different cultures and share them. Then; Southamerica wait for me!
Thanks for those who visit my photos and thanks for leaving a critique or messages. (See also my Trecklens and Trecknature photos)
Regards for everyone!
Member Since: 2005-02-06
Camera: Nikon D70, Nikon FE, Nikon N50, Petri 7s
Note: Silver Note Writer Silver Note Writer [C: 4 W: 0 N: 30] (135)
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