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Name: Quang Dang
Country: Canada
Intro: I really love the nature and its beauty, that's the main reason why I joined in here.

Honestly, I just started shooting photos back in this year, April 2007. I was introduced by one of my good friend and ever since, I was hooked to this world, the Macro World.

To me, photography is an art, a way to communicate and to express yourself through shapes, details and color. Sometimes it doesn't need to be perfect but it must show a good potential to get the viewers attention.

Willing to learn more and to find my own path.

You can also find me in TL.
Member Since: 2007-05-21
Camera: Canon EOS 30 D
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Title: BirdCanon EOS 30 D
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Title: Swimming In ParadiseCanon EOS 30 D
Swimming In Paradise (1)
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