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Calin CiotlosName: Calin Ciotlos
Country: Romania
Intro: Young transylvanian honkey, born in the beautiful citadel town of Sighisoara, using an outdated camera with only the standard lens, no filters, no nothing.. BUT with TONS of experience shooting invertebrates:)
Member Since: 2008-06-17
Camera: Canon 350D, Canon EOS 600D
Note: None
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Title: Pterophorus pentadactylaCanon 350D
Pterophorus pentadactyla (12)
blackasmodeus (104)
Title: Melitaea athaliaCanon 350D
Melitaea athalia (2)
blackasmodeus (104)
Title: Hyles livornica 2
Hyles livornica 2
blackasmodeus (104)
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