Sylwia boneeName: Sylwia bonee
Country: Denmark
Intro: I'm 23, come from Szczecin, Poland, but since July 2005 I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I always was a great fan of photography and the last few years I started to shoot some good and bad pics myself. I'm trying to get better everyday and I'm very open to any critiques. Recently I'm working on Canon Ixus 65. As for now - I love it, because it's really really good and very small. I'd never expect so many manual functions of this small camera! I highly recommend this one to anyone who likes to have the camera always with him/her. I just love to have the oportunity to shoot everything that is interesting and comes in my way anytime I want. I see the world with the viewfinder in my eyes ;)
I hope you enjoy watching my pictures as much as I enjoyed shooting them.
Thank you very much for any critiques and workshops given.


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Camera: Canon Digital Ixus 40, Canon Digital IXUS 65
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Moray eel.
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