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Name: Martin Skidmore
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: Hi my name is Martin Skidmore; I'm 31 and an Electrical Engineer for a Telecommunications company.

I got into photography at an early age, mainly because my father was also interested in it. Being a man who likes his gadgets I have always been fascinated in complex equipment. Obviously due to my age I started out with film photography. I had a pretty poor point and shoot camera to start with, but my dad had a Canon A1 that I was just itching to get to use.

Having shown some interest my father used to let me use it under supervision, he also instructed me in some of more basic functions. The A1 can be a simple camera to use because of it's Auto program mode, as long as you know how to manually focus that is. But the camera excels when you put it into one of the other modes.

I still have this camera and associated lenses in my possession and will never sell them. It still takes brilliant photos today and we will be using it to take black and white photos of our wedding in November. I have no doubts that it will produce photographs as good as a professional camera could take.

My next camera was a Canon Powershot A20. The A20 is a simple digital point and shoot camera with a few manual options. I jumped on the digital camera bandwagon early on because I am computer savvy and saw the sheer simplicity of going digital. The A20 was only a 2.1 megapixel camera, but at that time 3 megapixel was the best you could get. Obviously the quality was nowhere near that of the A1, but as I was using most of the photos for the web it didn't matter.

When digital SLR's came into my price bracket, I had to have one. I was intially going to stay with Canon and get the 300D but after seeing the reviews for the D70 I had to get that instead.

After buying the D70 my outlook on photography has been reinvented. I am excited each time I take the camera out to take pictures. The Internet probably helps with this new excitement, as there are loads of helpful websites. These websites contain loads of very useful information about how to get the best out of the D70. Some of the photos that you see on the web taken by other D70 owners just make your jaw drop. The realisation that with a bit more experience I have a camera that can take photos as good as that is very exciting.
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