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Ay DaName: Ay Da
Country: United States
Intro: I'm Ayda, an English girl (well.. technically a Persian/American/Swedish and goodness knows what other ingredients girl but i've spent most of my life in Britain ^_^) currently living in the US but hoping very much to be moving back to Europe soon.. i've only just discovered the wonderful world of TrekNature and it's sister sites and am very excited about taking part and contributing to this creative online community, unfortunately at the moment do to poor health i'm not able to do as much photography as my heart would dearly desire.. it truly is a great passion of mine to try to capture some of the amazing beauty that exists in a world so often stained with such ugliness.. as well as trying to communicate emotions and ideas and tell stories in the way that photography has such a special power to do.. so i hope to be much more active in the future but for now i'm just trying to get started by posting what i can and discovering all the wonderful work so many of you are doing! i'm really enjoying putting together some themes and favorites of all this delicious and inspiring photography i'm finding :)

My camera's not too great so i'm a bit limited (and frustrated!) at the moment but i'm trying to do my best to get the most out of it until i can afford my Canon :D - i also try to do as little post processing as possible (except on TrekLens where i like to play a little!) so most of my photo's are un-cropped and limited to only the basic enhancing that my cameras many faults make necessary!

I'll be posting more here on TN when i can get out and about a bit more and i really hope that some of my pictures might bring pleasure to others as so many of yours have done to me ^_^

You can also find me on TrekLens
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