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Claudia MatesiuName: Claudia Matesiu
Country: Canada
Intro: I am a Computer Scientist and love taking pictures in my spare time. I am already a member of trekearth and I look forward to posting my pictures on treknature. I love taking pictures of the nature and I look forward to your critiques.
Member Since: 2006-07-13
Camera: Fuji Finepix S5200
Note: None
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Dominican Republic
Title: Mr. FlamingoFuji Finepix S5200
Mr. Flamingo (2)
cmatesiu (31)
Title: Araneus diadematusFuji Finepix S5200
Araneus diadematus
cmatesiu (31)
Dominican Republic
Title: Danaus plexippusFuji Finepix S5200
Danaus plexippus (4)
cmatesiu (31)
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