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Peter TrutmannName: Peter Trutmann
Country: Peru
Intro: I've loved photography for years. My favorites are landscapes, people and exotic places. Only recently did I begin to shoot wildlife, particularly birds, more seriously, and only slowly have I invested in good digital equipment, moving from a Canon 2.1 MP, to a Sony Cybershot when I landed a job in Peru, to a Lumix DMCTZ1 and this year I lashed out and bought an old Nikon F4 and new Nikon D300 on which I use my old FX lenses... they work very well. I love both cameras and the Lumix when I need a small camera.

I hope you'll enjoy the photos. Let me know either way.
Member Since: 2008-02-13
Camera: Lumix DMC TZ1, Nikon D300, Nikon F4
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