deb landersName: deb landers
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Intro: Hello

I'm a 30 something with passion for photography. Now just because I have a passion doesn't mean I'm any good so I welcome all comments and suggestions on my pics. Feel free to say if it's good or should have been thrown out with the bathwater - it's all good to know.

Recently a friend of mine asked me if I had my camera attached to my keychain. Sadly no, it's usually in my back pocket which means that if I want to sit, I have to take it out and if it's out chances are I will shoot away.

I recently got a digital camera which I love for the shear fun of it - not every shot counts like when you use film. I am not a changed person (believing digital is IT) because film just has a quality about it that can't be beat. But I have found that with digital I use my camera much more then in the past and have so many more "good" photos then I ever did before. Candid shots happen with my digital that never happened with my Minolta and for that alone I love it.

Besides, every once in a while I think I get lucky~

Hope you enjoy my photos
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