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Name: Danang Ambar Prabowo
Country: Indonesia
Intro: "If your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough" (Robert Capa, War Photographer 1913-1954)

This famous quote by Robert Capa, a legendary war photographer who witnesses and also captured the moments of 5 great war, including the awesome D-Day in Omaha Beach, Normandy, France, has somehow inspired me to like photography.
Followed by the phenomenal photograph of the so called "Afghan Girl" by National Geographic Photographer, Steve McCurry. And many spectacular pictures and stories from other photographer, like war photographer, James Nachtwey, those has impressed me to totally jumped into the world of photography. Though since then it keep only as hobby.

Photography has always give me the sense to look the world with different sight. Travelling from one place to another amazing places in the earth, documentating the moments, and also social interaction with the local community are one of the benefit being a photografer and backpacker. And that is me.

Born in a little village in the southern part of Jogjakarta in 1984 and then moved to Germany for 3 years until settled down for a long years in Bengkulu, a town located in the west shore of Sumatera Island.

Graduated from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) with the speciality of Marine Biology and qualified as Scuba Diver has bring me to see the world. Awarded as Indonesian Best Student 2007 has also opened lots of ways to travel and meet great people.

For the years 2007-2008 I spend the time in Japan. Learning the DNA Identification Technique and also the unique culture of the Japanese people. And planning for further studying degree in the land of the Samurais.

Dreamed to be a war photographer and also backpacker, that's why I love to travel to realize how beautiful God has created all the things in the universe.

And this is my journey...

"It's the Man behind the Gun"


Buat temen2 fotografer dari Indonesia... salam kenal!!!
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