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Country: India
Intro: I am a civil engineer by profession in Bangalore and my hobby is wild life photography. My interest in photography from my Dad, who was a famous for portrait photography and also civil engineer by profession.He was the one who thought me B&W processing and printing.My First camera was Rollie Cord TLR 120 Format and later on Contaflex , Canon FT and Pentax MX .
I got into wild life photography after purchasing Nikon FE. I am a member of Indian nature watch. and YPS.I have been conferred with AFIAP & AICS. Most of Bird photography is at farm which is best as it is on bank of a river Suvarna Mukhi on Kanakapura road.
Member Since: 2006-03-18
Camera: Nikon D-200, Nikon F90x, Rollie Cord TLR
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Title: Day flying MothsNikon F90x
Day flying Moths (2)
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Title: Crested Serpent EagleNikon D-200
Crested Serpent Eagle (÷)
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Title: Purple Rumpped SunbirdNikon F90x
Purple Rumpped Sunbird (2)
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