Donald AinsworthName: Donald Ainsworth
Country: United States
Intro: I am a 64 yr. old retiree. I love back yard bird watching. I bought my first 35mm Camera while in Thailand with the USAF in 1965. I have since went to digital and have a lot of bird & butterfly photos. I do some post modifying in Photoshop Elements 4.0, mainly levels, lighting, and an unsharp mask. I have been backyard birdwaching over 20 yrs now & learn a lot about the different birds. I feed black oil sunflower seeds for most of the birds, niger thistle for the gold finches, and sugar water in the summer when the hummingbirds come. My profile photo was taken in 1999 with an abandoned baby squirrel my neighbor & I tried to raise, but didn't have any luck at it. It died after about a week.

After just a short time on this site I have come to love it. There are so many great photos by great photographers from all over the world it is almost overwhelming. Thanks to all who comment or critique my photos. I try to view all your photos also. I have decided to just try to comment on photos when I find the time, I am not a good critiquer since I can find some beauty in all the photos I have viewed so far, and sometimes it is not easy to critique someone elses art. But we do learn from other people and they help us improve on what we do.
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Title: Tiger SwallowtailCanon Power Shot G3
Tiger Swallowtail (14)
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Title: GrossbeakCanon PowerShot S2 IS
Grossbeak (6)
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Title: MonarchCanon Power Shot G3
Monarch (8)
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