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Name: joy keogh
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: I have recently changed to digital photography this year after years of using film, both with compact and SLR cameras. My primary interest is landscape but TN has opened my eyes to other areas of interest in the natural world and the subject of macro photography which I have not really experimented with as yet. I am looking forward to learning through the helpful comments of other more experienced members.

Scottish Landscapes
Member Since: 2010-08-12
Camera: Canon EOS 1000D, ricoh caplio digital compact
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United Kingdom
Title: Frosted Spiders Webs
Frosted Spiders Webs
dipsybee (38)
United Kingdom
Title: Frozen by the LakeCanon EOS 1000D
Frozen by the Lake (2)
dipsybee (38)
United Kingdom
Title: Snow at the bird lakeCanon EOS 1000D
Snow at the bird lake
dipsybee (38)
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