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David QuintelierName: David Quintelier
Country: Belgium
Intro: Last year, I bought a brand new Nikon D70 and took some photo's in the area where I lived.
After a while, I went to Santorini, the most beautiful photographic Island.
I also did some contests, and I won the second prize of the contest 'Rememberance of the war' (color photography) and a contest for Valentine's day of the paper 'De Standaard'.
I took lessons in digital photography in Zele (East-Flanders) of Jean-L. Wittevrongel, an old-student of the famous Flemish photographer Michiel Hendryckx.
My favorite photographer is Elliott Erwitt, when I discovered his techniques of his disposition in the Botanique in Brussels.

You can always visit my personal website.
Thx for visiting this part of TN!
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Camera: Nikon D70
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